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Spray Tan Solution 1 ltr

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With the perfect blend of organic Manuka & Leatherwood Honey, Olive Oil, & Aloe Vera, our Spray Tan Solution is an experience your skin won’t forget! You’ve been seeking, but haven’t yet been able to achieve. Our bronzer allows you to create your signature depth, from a light natural looking tan, through to a deeper, darker, sexier tan. Your skin will be left nourished, soft & without a trace of stickiness. Similar to our mousse, our spray tan will fade evenly & subtly, without the typical scaly appearance of other tanning brands. With an organic Lime & Vanilla scent, our Spray Tan Solution will make you the envy of all others.



With a professional airbrush tanning machine, set to the highest spray. Spray one even coat to the full body, allow drying for approx. 3 minutes, then repeat application for a darker tone. Leave on for up to 5 hours, depending on the depth of colour you desire. Rinse off in the shower no longer than 60 seconds, dab dry. The bronzer will wash off & your skin will be left with a violet tone, this is not the final colour of your tan. your tan will then develop into the most beautiful natural colour. Do not use any shampoo, conditioner or body products while your tan is developing, as this may result in an uneven application. Suitable for all skin types.


Lime & Vanilla

Developing times vary from Warrior to Warrior, but as a general guide:
1 hour - Light and fresh.
2-3 hours - Medium and Natural.
4-5 hours – Deep and rich. 


Certified Organic, Toxic-Free & Cruelty-Free.
Eco-Cert & Cosmos Certified DHA