How To TW


Tasmanian Sand Scrub
Like the best wake up call of your life. Jump in the shower and invigorate with this thorough, non-abrasive wonder scrub. Use all over your body prior to tanning, or as part of your morning routine. You can now probably skip that second espresso.

Gradual Tan
Like the moisturiser of your dreams. Apply evenly all over your body for a gradual glow. Go easy on your knees, elbows, hands and feet. Wash your hands with a pea sized amount of our Tasmanian Sand Scrub and voila! Even, Golden, Hydrated.

Self Tanning Mousse
Like a spray tan, minus the spray: deep, dark and flawless. Slip on your eco-friendly mitt, pump a generous amount of mousse and apply in circular motions to your entire body. For light tans, shower after 1.5 hours, or leave it on overnight for ultimate depth.

Directions for use/Colour Guide
Our top tips to get that Warrior glow.

24 hours before:
For perfect prep, remove body hair, exfoliate and moisturise well.

On the day of your tan:
Skip deodorant and perfume, as well as heavy facial moisturisers.
When your tan is completely dry, have a quick shower in lukewarm water, without soap. After patting dry, moisturise and proceed to take at least 25 selfies.

Developing times vary from Warrior to Warrior, but as a general guide:
1 hour - Light and fresh.
2-3 hours - Medium and warm.
4-5 hours – Deep and rich.